Finance Council

Six members of the Parish with strong business backgrounds meet with the Pastor quarterly to review finances and make recommendations addressing the needs of the Church.

Pastoral Council

Invited parishioners meet bi-monthly with the pastor concerning all aspects of the parish. They serve in advisory capacity - the pastor actively seeks their insights and recommendations

Liturgy Council

Volunteer members of the Parish meet bi-monthly with the Pastor in planning liturgy and environment of the Parish.


Baptisms are generally celebrated with the community at Sunday Liturgy. Parent sessions are required and held monthly.


Contact the pastor at least nine months prior to the wedding to begin necessary preparation.

Sponsor Certificates

Sponsor Certificates for Baptism or Conformation can be issued only to active members of Holy Rosary Church. An active member is registered in the parish and celebrates the Eucharist regularly.
Membership,Time, Talent and Treasures

To be a member of Holy Rosary Parish you must be registered. Parish membership also involves regular church attendance, some level of active participation in as much as you are able, as well as parish and diocesan financial support. Parish membership is required in order to obtain sponsorship certificates, to be married in the parish or to have a child baptized.

Joining Parish Membership

To join Holy Rosary Parish please contacy the Parish Secretary by calling (814) 456-4254 or via email. You can also download a membership form Download and return by mail: Holy Rosary Church, 2710 East Avenue, Erie, PA 16504.
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